After 40 years of experience in dermal therapies and technologies, we saw the need to produce a corrective and regenerative system of products, amplified be the integration of our patented technology for collagen activation and deeper product delivery.

It has always been our goal to develop high performance products at the most affordable price for you, our most important customers. The improvement of your skin’s health is our primary goal and we are proud to bring to you the Dermia Solution in achieving long-lasting results without ever compromising the integrity of the skin.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Skinfaktor family and being with you to design your best skin yet!

Helmut & Gabriela La Fontaine


An inspired collaboration between pioneering technology in collagen activation & dermal serum delivery and no-nonsense home care to deliver exceptional results for a wide range of skin conditions including premature ageing, collagen and elastin breakdown, poor skin texture, uneven skin tone or hyperpigmentation resulting from environmental damage, dehydration, congestion and sensitivity.

You will receive a comprehensive skin consultation and forward planning session to customise a program with your present and future skin management in mind. You will also receive all the core home care product you need to start experiencing real results and get your skin prepped for a course of intensive treatments.

As with any rehabilitation or correction of conditions, the journey to optimal skin health requires dedication, commitment and an overall lifestyle plan to support your goals. You will not get your dream skin in a week – just as you will not get your dream body after a few gym sessions – but with an intelligent skin diet and professional treatment program prescribe by one of our highly trained skin care professionals, you will start to see results, looking and feeling younger, healthier and happier. Most importantly, you’ll love the skin you’re in!


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