It is with great excitement we introduce the upgraded Medilift™ technology and Shibata™ Intense Method to Australia.

This is a method carved out of decades of aesthetic industry experience by the eminent Helmut La Fontaine, who delivered the world’s first vertical micro-needling device some twenty years ago.

Power. Versatility. Improved ergonomics. Superior skin outcomes. Exclusive to professionals.

This sleek and functional device combines cutting edge techniques to retexturise the skin’s surface, stimulate essential cellular function and deliver actives to target cells – without pain, prolonged inflammation, blood or downtime. 

Coupled with a patented dermal infusion technique and proven cosmeceutical home care designed by Gabriela La Fontaine, the Medilift™ system of rejuvenation proactively empowers the professional beauty therapist to deliver safe, long-term outcomes for a wide range of undesired skin conditions.


Polyabrasion represents the gentlest form of microdermabrasion with single use, medical grade polymer tips to buff and polish the skin’s surface. 

Shibata M Activation

Global stimulation of essential cellular function and facilitated delivery of low molecular weight serums into the epidermis. Shibata M Activation effectively improves skin elasticity, enhances skin tone and hydration and stimulates synthesis of collagen and elastin. Treatment tips are polymer.

Shibata S Activation

Highly focused stimulation of collagen within an individual wrinkle for a localised skin response right where it’s needed. Treatment tips are polymer. 

Shibata Intense

Microfine stainless steel tips work intensively in the skin to stimulate a deeper, regenerative response in mature, sluggish skin conditions. This technique facilitates the delivery of the SKINFAKTOR Dermal Infusion Sprays – a collection of patented boosters, rich in advanced peptide technology. 

working successfully around the world with the SKINFAKTOR Method (and counting)

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