ARE YOU A CURATOR? Or a creator….

A curator doesn’t paint every painting in the gallery – in fact, they probably don’t paint any of them! And yet where do we head to appreciate creative arts?

For skin, where are YOU heading for information? Is it Google? Instagram? That ‘Beauty Blog’? Or are they trying to work out how Jen Hawkins or Meghan Markle maintain their flawless complexions?

It’s highly likely that your customers are in fact sourcing their information from platforms, OTHER THAN YOURS!, to shape the demands they place on you and your therapists.

How many of you have customers coming in asking for a treatment they saw pop up on their Facebook feed? Or as snap-chatted to them by a friend? Or maybe referring to the latest ‘quick fix’ as reported on the Morning Show?

There’s no point longing for the days where your customers would rely only on their beauty therapists for the latest product releases and treatment trends.

As salon owners and skin clinicians, ‘creating content’ can be both time devouring and over whelming. So, rather than creating something NEW every day, why not source valuable gems of information that resonate with the philosophies of your business and treatments?

Throw some videos, blog posts or SNAPTAKES into the mix between your regular posts.

Become your own GALLERY OF SKIN – a beacon of relevant resources that will educated and reinforce your message with your (and future) customers.

Notice how you walk through the entire exhibition before a small room at the end presents with mugs and postcards to purchase?

REMEMBER. Value first. Sales second xx

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