Any modern protection product MUST consider the modern environment to be effective. This includes ingredients that protect not only against UV, but against Infrared, free radicals, pollutants, changes in temperature and actively work to repair existing damaged cells.

Rather than just come to you with the problem, let’s look at just some of the ways that the industry is responding to the effects of IR and pollutants, and how best to protect against our modern lifestyle.

(all as featured in our very own Element Protector!)

1.  DIPEPTIDE-3 AMINOHEXANOATE This miracle peptide stimulates the
production of Heat Shock Proteins within the skin, therefore improving the
skin’s resilience to stress – particularly stress caused by temperature
variance e.g. the heat caused by IR

2.  PSEUDOALTEROMONAS EXOPOLYSACCHARIDES It has a super-long name, but it’s not to be forgotten. This ingredient provides far superior water retention ability to traditional Hyaluronic Acid and therefore reduces moisture loss and stabilises moisture retention even in extreme variations of climate.

3.  DIAMINOPROPIONOYL TRIPEPTIDE-33 Reinforces the skin’s natural immune response to reduce the risk of infection, free radical damage, airborne pollutants and microbial growth. Thus inhibiting the conversion of IR created Reactive Oxygen Species into the more harmful free radicals.

Whilst there are few ingredients that directly protect against infrared (the main one being iron-oxide – but the orange colouring of this particles makes for difficulty in mainstream product acceptance), the aim is to buffer the effect and ensure that the cell has amplified strength in coping with the fluctuation in temperature.


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