Instant Gratification (IG) is the need to experience fulfilment without any sort of delay; it’s not a trend – it’s a culture. And it’s fuelled by our addiction to ubiquitous (devices that we never ‘quit’ or turn off) modern devices + info exchange.

With everything available at the touch of the button, could it be that when it come to the skin, DELAYED GRATIFICATION actually yields superior results?

As a society we have acquired an expectation + culture for this need: everything can be delivered on demand – flowers, furniture, laundry, clothing, cosmetics. No longer do you need to wait until next Tuesday – entire TV series can be binged in a single day thanks to Netflix. Look at instant messaging – you name it, there’s a way to fast track it.

This culture of ‘quick fixes’ has made a number of tasks SO easy. With the touch of a finger on your smartphone there’s no need to have patience.

DID YOU KNOW The average tenure in a career is now only 3.3 years. There’s an expectation that you should become an instant success! You don’t need to work your way up – simply start an Instagram account and hey presto – you’ll have hundreds of thousands of followers + make millions! (yeah right!!)

FOR THE RECORD: DIMMI (market-leading online restaurant booking service) This ‘overnight success’ in fact was the ‘7-year start up’ – a realistic and sobering account of what it takes to ‘make it’. The idea for DIMMI was rejected 37 times – if you have ever felt like giving up, remember this, have trust and belief in yourself.

The latest stat is that 25% of the USA population is Gen Z – the digital natives of society. Born between 1995-2010, GEN Z outnumbers baby-boomers +
millennials. They demand instant info, communications, convenience and simplicity, they multitask (digitally) + expect personalisation without extra effort. THEY HAVE AN 8 SECOND FILTER: thanks to an information bombardment, Gen Zs have an attention span of 8.25s – that’s shorter than a goldfish!!! (GenY’ers probably stopped reading up the top at Netflix!)

In recent times, Attention Deficit Disorders have skyrocketed in children and even medication being prescribed for adults has increased noticeably.

With all this being said, I think we can all agree, technology is ‘the man’. We can’t get by without it anymore + you’re mad not to embrace it!

But, we are at risk of losing a sense of human connectedness? With this overdose on technology (+ not being able to escape it), people are seeking refuge within the health + wellness arena – yoga studios, health retreats + you guessed it, beauty salons and day spas.

Taking time out for yourself, to disconnect with wifi, emails, mobile devices and reconnect with ‘human’ touch is an important consideration to make for the longevity of our ancient body in this modern world.

SHIBATA. Next-gen skin needling system.

More and more support is building for the ‘less is more’ theory. Gone are the days when we believe drawing blood, seeing redness or creating a wound are treatment landmarks to be celebrated.

The latest research coming out of both the USA and Europe concludes that when it comes to ‘Skin Needling’ (and other ablative treatments), we never want to create an inflammatory skin response, nor do we need to create a wound to stimulate natural collagen production.

A well respected authority on dermal needling, Dr. Lance Setterfield has written a comprehensive guide to needling for skin rejuvenation and collagen regeneration. His views reflected in the latest edition are in-sync with where SKINFAKTOR’s Shibata Skin Needling system was developed.

“Clearly wound repair offers results that may appear to be positive from a cosmetic perspective, but is any consideration given to the long term effects on normal function and physiology. There is a fine line between a normal vs. pathological response to injury with overwhelming evidence that inflammation leads to pathology. This line is now being crossed by some in an attempt to gain greater results with the idea that ‘more is better’.”

“Inflammation is absent in the embryo wounding healing model for skin. Therefore, we can reasonably conclude inflammation is not a necessary process or requirement for repair or rejuvenation.”
Dr. Lance Setterfield

You’ve only got to ‘Google’ search “inflammation” to see just how damaging it is to the body – this includes the skin!! In any intensive skin treatment program, the Holy Grail is: skin stimulation without trauma, inflammation or blood.

Optimised delivery of nutrient-rich serums + no-risk collagen induction therapy.


1.  NO FUTURE DNA DAMAGE – our Shibata tips never destroy or damage DNA stored in the basal layer.

2. NO BLOOD – the proprietary polymer tips never pierce the cell, rather they create minute channels between the cells to allow for safe passage of serum (Note, serum cannot be delivered when the skin is bleeding – full stop)

3. NO CYTOKINE STORM – rather than millions of Cytokines screaming for repair, Shibata Skin Needling triggers messages of ‘regeneration’ i.e. “there’s something happening up here, can you please start to send some replacement cells?”

4.  NO SCAR COLLAGEN – no risk of fibrosis or scar collagen. Did you know that scar tissue can continue developing for up to 10 years!?

5.  NO RISK – as beauty therapists we must realise that there is a greater risk factor when performing intensive treatments, especially when blood is drawn. Shibata Skin Needling has been developed to empower the beauty therapist, who, in many parts of the world, isn’t legally permitted to perform ‘Medical Needling’ treatments (over 0.3mm steel).

This really is the ‘skin needling’ of the future – optimal (and safe!) collagen induction + advanced serum delivery – all without pain, irritation, blood, reduced downtime, topical anaesthetics, trauma or risk.

20 ultra-fine Shibata tips are made from hypo-allergenic, medical grade polymer.


Don’t waste half the ‘results’ time on healing first!