Our lives are full to the brim with technology, social media, mobile networks, internet, computers, tablets, radiation, stress and pollution – technically speaking, this also means our bodies have become unbalanced, with a surge of positive ions (unbalanced or positively charged molecules delivered through this modern world), reaping havoc without the required negatively charged electrons needed to keep them balanced.

Before you start dozing off, this is serious stuff! I won’t bore you with theory about atoms and electro magnetic fields (EMF)… BUT I will tell you about an ‘old’ concept which is gaining momentum within the health industry for its profound effect on the ‘modern’ body.

Earthing, or Grounding, is the term given to the lost ritual of connecting with Mother Earth. And by connecting, I mean walking barefoot in grass, dirt, water, sand – not something I feel we do as a population on a daily basis.

Marian Rubock, a published authority on all things skin, registered nurse and clinic owner explains, “when you connect to the earth with your bare skin, your body becomes infused with negatively charged electrons, which means you neutralise the excess, positively charged free radicals”.

Positively charged free radicals cause our delicate bodies to become unstable, leading to inflammation and disease in the body (simply put, they’re the bad guys).

Negatively charged electrons (the good guys) upgrade our ability to cope with stress and repair malfunctions, as well as promote well being, vitality, improved mental function and in many cases, better sleep!

So….. I hear you asking “but how am I going to find the time everyday to walk in dirt!” Here’s the great part! If you don’t have time every day to ‘hit the ground’, there are ‘earth mats’ you can purchase to sit under your desk or rest under your key board (or manicure table…) In fact you could even replace the floor matt in your car with one!

In my research, I also came across bed sheets and best of all (and perhaps most relevant to the Professional Beauty industry) massage table sheets!? Imagine, the benefits of a nurturing massage treatment, compounded by the effects of being ‘grounded’.

Marian confirms, “Research shows that at least 45 minutes a day is what is needed to start making positive changes to your body and skin.”

No matter your age, race, gender or state of health, a daily dose of Earth will work wonders:

  • Improve or eliminate symptoms of inflammation
  • Reduce or eliminate chronic pain
  • Improve sleep patterns, promoting a deeper sleep
  • Increase energy and mental alertness
  • Reduce stress and cool the nervous system
  • Improve circulation
  • Relieves headaches and muscle tension
  • Accelerate recovery post-workout
  • Reduce or eliminate jet lag
  • Improve healing function
  • Reduce the impact of EMFs – electromagnetic fields

So, STOP READING NOW! Make a bee-line to your local park, or the beach, or even just your backyard and get some EARTH!

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